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Limoneto Organic Farm and its Products 

organic food and olive oil, vegetables and citrus fruits from Sicily

Before  opening our house to travellers we were ,and actually we still are today, a farm, a working farm.  Adelina Norcia is the owner , but our entire family works on the farm with various jobs. My father , in the picture above , cares about the various productions and external relations with offices , my brother cares about the transofmation of some products and kitchen ; I , in the picture above with Dad, care about marketing of products , selling , advertising and PR ; my Mother Adelina , well , she's the owner, and  the Boss!

In 1995 we shifted from conventional agriculture to organic , and since then our products  are 100% pesticides free .

Our choice is supported by the idea that we want to give people genuine food, grown and produced according to the changing of the seasons , and respectful of the environment , that we want clean and withou chemicals.

Seasonally we employ  local people regularly declared and waged; for example the pruners : they are workers that know the art of pruning , they are very slillful, so their wage is not the lowest!.

Our main production are lemons , but we also make a good harvest of oranges of different varieties, mandarines , olives which give a delicious extra virgin olive oil , almonds , wheat and season vegetables .

Our farm is certified by ICEA , that is a control organization . This means that all the various phases of production , from plantation to harvest and selling are controlled .The identification code of the farm is  D 28 I.

In the following pictures you can see some of our farming activities and products .

if you would like to have information about our products , please , do not hesitate to send us a mail at :  ,we will be very glad to give you information and if you wish to buy we will give you a quote for shipping .


Organic lemons ,certified ICEA, the name of this variety is  “ Femminello Siracusano”. Their flavour is intense but their taste is delicate and pleasant, somehow sweet.These lemons have been awarded with the IGP trademark  within the consortium of  Siracusan food and olive oil, vegetables and citrus fruits from Sicily

Lemon trees keep blossoming from April to July and that's why on the same tree there may be two different fruits like those in the picture. They are harvested in two different periods in the course of the year, in December - January and in March .

It is possible to see some blossoming even in November  in a mild Fall !

Oranges grown 100% organic ; we collect them from November to July in several varieties : Navelina, Tarocco, Ovale and  Valencia.

Our olives are collected by hand just before being completely ripe and they are cold pressed within 24 hours of harvest. The  mill processes only organic olives 

Organic Wheat being harvested in June  2012

Almonds laid in the sun to dry.  "Pizzuta"is the name of this variety , well known for making those sweets of almonds encrusted with sugar. Italians call them confetti!

This is a broccoli plant in the open field .

 According to the seasons we also grow onions, peppers , aubergines , tomatoes , fava beans , a few varieties of pumpkins and zucchini , and aromatic  plants such as basil, rucola , origano, thyme and laurel .

 I will upload pictures of our product soon, in the meanwhile you can refer to our page in italian  

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